2010 High School Scholars

Ten outstanding students from Lake Washington, BEST, Juanita and Redmond high schools were honored with family and friends at a reception at the Lake Washington School District Administration Building in Redmond on April 15 to accept recognition from the Kirkland-Redmond Branch of AAUW.  These girls were chosen by their schools as the outstnading femail students in science, technology or math.

AAUW supports women and girls in equitable education and career opportunites, especially encouraging them in STEM fields.

Lake Washington students recognized:

Samantha Brender, technology

Grant Jenkins, math

Mary Jones, science

BEST students recognized:

Jessica Gutierrez, math

Ali Telkamp, science

Juanita students recognized:

Bonnie Gilbery, math

Stephanie King, technology

Hannah Skurnik, science

Redmond students recognized:

Briana Gahler, technology

Stephanie Hsieh, science

Devin McMahon, math