2012 High School Scholars

Fourteen female students were honored this Spring for their outstanding talent in science, technology or math. Students Lake Washington, BEST High School, Juanita High School, International Community School and Redmond High School were recognized by the Kirkland-Redmond AAUW branch and  family and friends at a reception.

AAUW supports women and girls in equitable education and career opportunities, especially encouraging them in STEM fields.

Best High School students recognized:

Maya Ledbetter, math

Andrea Herrera, science

Shelby Whipple, technology

International Community School students recognized:

Priya Ganesan, math

Smrithi Sukumar, science

Alexis B. Drake, technology

Juanita High School students recognized:

Jasmin Hurst, math

Niki Love, science

Heather McAllister, technology

Lake Washington High School students recognized:

Laura Chopp, math

Katherine Roberts, science

Redmond High School students recognized:

Arthi Narayanan, math

Meg Holtzinger, science

Vita Shubin, technology