Member Letter from 2015-2016 Co-Presidents

As Co-Presidents of K-R AAUW, we are excited about planning and preparing for 2015-16. We thank you for your confidence in us and appreciate your support as we look forward to continuing the many successes of the past while creating new opportunities for success in the future. As a building block for the future, we have looked to the past for information on what has worked well or not worked. We consider our major challenge to be our mutual goal to empower and embolden members to try new ideas that will keep Kirkland-Redmond AAUW relevant as we move forward.

To make it easier for members to participate in coordinating/planning programs, we sought an affordable meeting space that is large enough to accommodate typical attendance, provides AV equipment and has easily accessible well-lit parking. The Unitarian Church in Kirkland provides all of these items at a moderate price.  Another advantage of reserving this space for a few meetings is to have a more regular meeting place.

Kirkland-Redmond AAUW is one of the most successful branches in the state because of the participation of many members to make things work. Our most urgent concern is that the elected officers, appointed board members and a few others who have volunteered cannot continue this success without help from each of you. Most members we have talked to want to work on one-time things, but that leaves us with no one to continuously oversee that “thing”.  We are asking each of you to give careful consideration to how you might be a part of K-R AAUW by planning, coordinating and/or helping with an activity when you are here, and participating by e-mail when you are gone. Activities that do not garner volunteers will not happen this year, as the board cannot take them on.

Open positions include:

  • One appointed board member
  • Annual Fundraiser Coordinator(s)
  • Program Planner/Coordinator for March and May
  • Newsletter Editor or Calendar Guru
  • Hospitality Coordinator(s)
  • Public Policy

Opportunities to help are with membership, programs, the annual fundraiser that funds the scholarship, STEM scholar recognition, hospitality, Expanding Your Horizons, Tech Trek, campus relations and more.

31 members responded to the survey sent to members in April. Though participation seems low, statistically this is a good representation of our members.   Results are:

  • 42% have a mostly clear or very clear understanding of our missions and goals;
  • 100% felt that the programs we held were effective in pursuing our mission;
  • 21% had a clear understanding of ways to be involved;
  • 33% saw opportunities to engage in a meaningful way.

We invite all members to take advantage of an opportunity to engage at our annual summer planning meeting.

Date:   Saturday, July 25,                  Time: 11:00am to 2:30pm

Place: The home of Sue Viebrock, 18127 NE 197th Pl., Woodinville

This will be a brown bag lunch. Sue will provide beverages.

Please RSVP to Sue,, so she can have the appropriate amount of chairs and beverages.

If you cannot attend this stimulating planning session, please email Carolyn V at or Rebecca Hirt at Your feedback and ideas are important to the Board.

We are looking forward to another successful year for Kirkland-Redmond AAUW as we continue lifelong learning, fellowship, enjoying events and build lasting friendships.

Carolyn and Rebecca