Member Contributions

Members contribute to the Kirkland-Redmond Branch in many ways.  By joining this branch you will have joined a community of women that advances equity for women and girls and endeavors to break through educational and economic barriers so that all women have a fair chance.  Here are some ways members contribute.


Kirkland Redmond Branch has always had an active membership, with the typical branch member participating in multiple branch or interest group meetings and projects throughout the year.  Each member is encouraged to take part in several of the following:

  • The Fall Kick-Off meeting in September, to learn about upcoming events.
  • Branch program meetings during the year, whenever you are able.
  • The High School Scholar Recognition special meeting in April.
  • Expanding Your Horizons STEM conferences for girls, working on the day of the conference or helping with one of the many volunteer opportunities leading up to the March events.
  • Hosting meetings of interest groups to which you belong.
  • Helping provide refreshments or serving as a greeter for scheduled events.


Branch members typically rotate through a variety of branch leadership positions over a period of years.  The term of office is usually one year, although leaders may officially stay in the same position up to five years.  Leadership positions are learning opportunities, allowing you to develop project management and organizational abilities.  More experienced members are always available to help you learn new skills and procedures, and explain how things have usually been done.  Training materials and conferences are also available to supplement your understanding and help you develop your skills.  Some of the ways you can contribute:

  • Serve on the Board of Directors
  • Maintain the Membership Directory
  • Serve as a mentor to a new member
  • Serve as the email coordinator
  • Serve as the Facebook coordinator
  • Chair an Interest Group
  • Chair a Mission-related Project
  • Compile and edit the monthly electronic bulletin
  • Be the publicity coordinator
  • Represent the branch at a district or state event
  • Manage the branch website
  • Coordinate the ‘sunshine’ activities in support of branch members who have suffered a loss or serious illness in the their family