College and University Student Membership

Participation in Kirkland-Redmond Branch by College and University Students

Adopted – September 16, 2013

Graduate Students:  Graduate students are eligible for regular voting membership in AAUW and the branch.  From time to time national AAUW may have a special promotion offering a dues reduction, but branch dues remain the same.  In the absence of a special promotion, graduate student members are processed the same as any other regular member.  To join national online and confirm the current dues, go to:

Students who have earned a 2-year degree or the equivalent and are currently pursuing a 4-year degree:  Students who have earned a 2-year degree but are enrolled in a college or university program to earn a 4-year degree may choose whether to be a student affiliate (non-voting) or a regular member (with voting rights).  They are processed as either a student affiliate or a branch member, depending on their choice.  At the branch level, student affiliates pay $5/year local dues, if they wish to affiliate with the branch.

Students at Partner Institutions:  Any student (male or female) who has not yet earned a 4-year degree and who is enrolled at an AAUW partner institution may enroll online as a national Student E-Affiliate.  The list of partner institutions is found at:  The sign-up form for e-affiliates is found at:  If an e-affiliate would like to participate in the branch, the normal student affiliate fee is due – $5/year, paid directly to the branch, after initially registering online for free.

Students at institutions which are not partners:  If a student is not at a partner institution or is at a partner institution and prefers not to be an e-affiliate, then the student can join with the branch directly paying the full national fee for student affiliates and branch dues.  The state waives dues for student affiliates.  Currently, national dues for student affiliates are $17.  When the $5 branch dues are added, the annual dues are $22.  It is easiest if the student pays the $22 directly to the branch.  However, the student might join national directly, using the application on the website:  After becoming a national affiliate, $5 can be paid directly to the branch and the affiliation transferred from a national to branch status.

Student Affiliate Benefits:  Go to: