Public Policy

Want to express your views on a policy issue?

It is easy with AAUW.  Stay informed and quickly state your opinion.   AAUW members actively lead, lobby and form National and State policies today.  Checkout AAUW’s position on your policy concerns and get involved with other active, educated women who are networked and organized to make a difference!

AAUW has taken much of the effort out of actively expressing your views on current issues.  The Two-Minute Activist Program offers a simple “point and click” way of voicing your opinion.  Check it out..

Find out what AAUW’s National policies are on important issues such as Civil Rights, Economic Security, Education, and Title IX.

Members are advocates in AAUW National and Washington State policy decisions. For more information about how you can get active on issues important to AAUW, checkout the AAUW network tools.

Download and print the public policy brochure and distribute it at branch and coalition meetings, voter education events, community gatherings, or anywhere else where women gather.

Equal Pay Day is coming up on Tuesday, April 8 2014.

Looking for information on this issue? A great place to start is especially for people who are new to the issue of equal pay