Outings/Theatre Group

For the past several years the Theater Group has purchased Season Tickets for Village Theater in Issaquah.  Initially we attended on Sunday evening but switched to Sunday afternoon.  We reevaluate the day and time each year.  Sometimes the group elects to go out to eat before or after a show.  The upcoming shows offered by Village Theater can be found on their website:      www.villagetheatre.org .

We are not listing the specific dates our group will be there because some schedule conflicts have arisen that have changed some of our dates.  Members who do not have season tickets are welcome to join us at the theater and  at any outing for a joint meal that may be scheduled.    We are also open to scheduling groups for other events, such as to a show at the Kirkland Performance Center, which we have done a couple times.  We also did a field trip one year to the City of Seattle watershed and went into Seattle to preview the Invisible War movie before we chose to sponsor a local showing for the whole branch.  Your ideas are always welcome for what we should do next!